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Our First Home

This is the home that started us on our journey to provide stable sober housing and support those in recovery.


At Fresh Start Sober Living - Maine, we offer an unparalleled support network that’s tailored to the changing needs of our residents. Our Self-Help Mentoring is at the core of our offerings, helping community members get back on track.

A Supportive Hug

Relapse Prevention Program

At Fresh Start Sober Living - Maine, we believe that everybody deserves a fresh start. Our Relapse Prevention Program offers a safe space for residents to plan the next steps in their healing process. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Holding Hands Up High

Recovery Education

Fresh Start Sober Living - Maine is much more than a residence for recovering individuals. We believe that giving residents the tools they need helps pave the way for a their long-lasting, healthy recovery. Reach out to learn more.

Youth Counseling
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