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Rules Introduction

At Fresh Start, We believe everyone is capable of change.. We help residents work through their difficulties by providing a safe and healthy environment, supported by a team of individuals who know first hand the struggles of addiction and what it takes to break free and lead a fulfilling life.

The rules we have in place serve to support your recovery process, help keep all of our residential members s safe and help you to build a sober lifestyle. 

We strive to provide a comfortable supportive environment for all your recovery needs.  To accomplish this, we require our residents to adhere to our strict set of rules, for the health and safety of all. We believe that this will help you gain strength and get back on track towards successful recovery. 

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Stronger Together

Being a member of the Fresh Start community is a privilege. All residents of the Fresh Start Sober Living Homes agree and commit to the standards of safety, group unity, and recovery. As such, acceptance into Fresh Start requires its members to conform the following commitments:

1) Consumption or possession of alcohol and other drugs, whether legal or illegal, is prohibited. Intoxication from any substance is considered a primary violation of the rules of the house. Anyone failing an alcohol or other drug test or is otherwise violating the basic tenets of these agreements, will be asked to leave immediately.

2) No weapons, explosives, or fireworks allowed in the sober living community at any time.

3) Lying, cheating and stealing compromise the safety of the home and are strictly prohibited. Borrowing from one another may lead to disruptions in the house.

4) Residents are required to submit to a Drug and Alcohol Screen/Test at any time it is requested. A refusal and/or failure to provide an adequate sample within 2 hours will be treated the same as a positive test result. Any attempt to dilute or otherwise adulterate the sample may also result in being asked to leave.

5) Members are required to follow their recovery plan as discussed during their entry interview and orientation. If someone is struggling with their recovery plan, they are expected to reach out for help either through the House Meetings, the House Manager, or other recovery supports.

6) Residents are required to attend the weekly House Meeting during which they can check-in on their recovery plan and address any communal living difficulties.

7) Residents are required to work, go to school, or volunteer in accordance with the policies of the program.

8) Smoking inside a Fresh Start home is strictly prohibited. Ashtrays are provided outside and need to be cleaned daily. No littering of cigarette butts on or near the property.

9) Fresh Start is NOT responsible for a resident’s personal item’s/belonging(s). Residents are responsible for the security and safekeeping of their own personal item’s/belongings and are to pack and carry their item’s/belongings when they depart. If for any reason this does not occur, the resident may contact the House Manager regarding the retrieval/disposition of their personal item’s/belongings.

10) Disruptive/Discourteous behavior will not be tolerated and may result in someone being asked to leave the residence.

11) No nonresident, regardless of relationship or circumstance may spend the night. When visiting, all spouses, significant others and friends must stay on the first floor in common areas only. Guests can stay until curfew in communal areas only. Guests cannot be under the influence or in possession of drugs and/or alcohol.

12) Children under the age of 18 may occasionally visit during the day. They must be closely supervised and must leave by 8:00pm. No overnight stays.

13) Everyone is required to observe a curfew of 9:00pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends.

14) Guests can stay until curfew in communal areas only. Guests cannot be under the influence or in possession of drugs and/or alcohol. If they come to the residence and are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, they will be asked to leave immediately.

15) Respect for your housemates is considered at all times. Quiet time is 10:00pm to 5:00am. Any activity (i.e., Lights, TV, Telephone conversations, etc.) that disturb another residents ability to sleep/rest is considered disrespectful and not allowed.

16) Residents are not permitted in any bedroom other than their own without permission from the resident(s) residing in that room; they must also be accompanied by the permitting resident.

17) Thermostat is to be adjusted by the House Manager only. Personal air conditioners will cost the member $20.00/month to be paid toward the energy bill. The payment for the air conditioner energy bill must be paid in advance of plug in.

 18) Chores are required to be completed either daily or weekly, with weekly chores being done by Sunday at 4:00pm. The House Manager is responsible for chore assignment and making sure they are completed. Refusal to complete assigned chore can be regarded as disruptive behavior.

19) Washer & Dryer -- Be courteous. Clean dryer lint screen before and after every use and do not leave clothes unattended in the washer/dryer.

20) Clean up after yourselves. A good general clean-up of all areas inside and outside the home is always required. Leaving items laying around after receiving a warning does not promote a recovery atmosphere.

21) Beds should be made daily and bedrooms should be kept neat and clean with clothes put away.

22) Turn off lights, TV’s, Radio’s, Fans, etc., when not in use. Exterior doors are required to be locked when entering/exiting

23) Personal items should not be stored in the bathrooms. Leaving personal items in the bathtub is irresponsible and can lead to problems among fellow residents.

24) Residents should be mindful of appropriate attire.

25) Kitchen—Clean Up After Yourself. Nothing can be more irritating and a sign of disrespect than a sink full of dirty dishes. Appliances, counter-tops, utensils, dishes, pots, pans, and silverware should be cleaned and returned to their respective place (immediately) after each use.

26) Refrigerator—Mark food/leftovers with your Name/Date when initially placed in the refrigerator. Be Accountable, Responsible and Communicate!

Mutual accountability is where we all hold ourselves to the same standards for recovery!

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