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Admission Process

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Holding Hands Up High

Financial Aid

Available to those who qualify

Our staff will provide you with resources to assist you with your basic needs if you are unable to finance yourself.

Admissions Process

Application and Interview

All those considering residence at one of our Fresh Start homes must submit an online application. Verification of information and an interview will be conducted before approval of all applicants.

Please complete our application form using the application button below if you wish to apply. 

School Application
Doctor and Patient

Medical Requirements

The Info You Need

As we are a drug free environment, all medications that classify as a controlled substance must remain locked and are only accessed by the house manager. House managers maintain logs of medication administration and are cognizent of dosage requirements for each household member. 

Certain medications and suppliments are able to be kept in the resident's room. For specific information about this option, please send us an email. 

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