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Fresh Start, Inc.

Sober Living Homes

Our Sober Living Homes are located in the beautiful state of Maine. We  are much more than an ordinary Sober Living Home and the success of our program is proof. 

Since opening our doors in 2018, our Sober Living Homes have provided an open and supportive community to all our residents. Residents live in a family like atmosphere where they participate in activities such as game nights, sit down dinners and community activities. Residents also share in household chores, attend support meetings together and contribute to their portion of financial responsibilities for the home. This method of shared space with others in active recovery has inspired many to grow and overcome their challenges. 

Typically our program will take in men or women straight out of prison to help them avoid addiction relapses. We are also open to individuals who are active in their recovery and are in need of support and housing to maintain their sobriety. Here, men and women find the support and encouragement they need to achieve their desired success.

We believe that the journey of recovery is one you shouldn't undertake alone. Our residents become like a second family to each other. Our staff and residents continue to be there for one another long after they no longer are in need of our residential program. It is our hope to provide all our residents with the tools they need to succeed once they leave us. Fresh Start Sober Living is more than a place to recover - it’s your home away from home.

On December 6th 2019 We became the first recovery residences north of Augusta to be MARR certified! We are very proud of this achievement because it's further evidence that supports our mission of providing high-quality recovery residences through ethical practices and standards for recovery. For more information MARR click the link below.

Scott Pardy - President_edited.jpg

Scott Pardy


Scott got into recovery residence housing as a means to help men and women getting out of jail and prison who want recovery with little or no means. As a man who is in long time recovery himself, he was motivated to help others who desired a life of sobriety. Scott volunteered at the Penobscot County jail in Bangor and at the Charleston prison. During his time there he noticed that upon release, many people who lacked housing and the proper support to maintain sobriety ended up right back in jail. That sparked the idea of filling a need and beginning his adventure by opening the first Fresh Start sober house in 2018. Scott opened 7 more houses within the first three years. He is a lifelong resident of Bangor with four adult children and several grandchildren.

"This is a grand experiment"    Scott Pardy 2018

James Rickrode

Vice President - General Manager

James addiction to opioids began in 1999 after he was seriously injured in a car accident. He was able to wean himself off opioids with the help of methadone, but got into legal trouble with alcohol and ended up on probation. In September 2017 he was sentenced to two years behind bars with all but nine months suspended, followed by two years of probation on a Class C domestic violence criminal threatening charge. Thanks in part to his introduction to Fresh Start and Scott Pardy, he has maintained more than 5 years of sobriety and become a strong asset to this organization and its members. His experience at Fresh Start provided the healing, supportive environment he needed and his journey provides an example for people in recovery showing them that they can move on.

James Rickrode L - GM FSSL_edited.jpg
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